Path lighting combines aesthetics with functionality. The right choice of lighting can transform the appearance of your yard in the evening. It also improves outdoor safety by making it easier to navigate after the sun has set.

We put together this short guide on the best path lighting ideas to inspire you. If you want to illuminate the hard work that you’ve put into your landscaping, here are some path lighting tips to consider.

1. Use Your Turf

One trend in pathway lighting is the use of classic wall lights. Often, these are inserted into hardscape areas. However, you can place them along the edge of your pathway too. Simply dig into the turf alongside your path and insert the wall lights.

With more people opting for a minimalist front yard, subtle wall lights are the ideal option. The lighting effect can be transformational. CAST well lights are extremely durable, which is handy as you don’t want to be changing light bulbs all the time.

lights leading up front patio pathway and staircase at night

2. Consider Balance

When selecting path lights, consider how you balance the light sources. Concepts like light layering are important when it comes to lighting. Balance is critical to get right too. Often, the goal is to create visual symmetry.

If your pathway adjoins a wall or other architectural features, you have many options. Several mini wall lights evenly spaced can be quick and easy to install and a great way to illuminate and highlight the unique elements of your front or back yard. Think about how to complement the existing features of your yard and find the path lights to match.

3. Provide Soft Lighting

Brighter is often considered better in lighting. That’s simply not always the case.

When you’re relaxing in your yard, the last thing you need is lighting that creates a harsh glare. Soft lighting is more calming and creates a relaxing ambiance. When it comes to your path lighting, soft lighting is just as effective for safety too.

Consider lighting options that offer soft illumination. The classic New Orleans canopy-mount area light is ideal for pathway lighting because it offers a much softer light effect. And it does so without compromising on visibility and safety. The mount area lights can easily be installed onto posts or elevated surfaces as well.

That means the light will spread further, highlighting more of your yard.

lit stone path through grass at night

4. 360-Degree Lighting

Taller path lights can be visually stunning when installed in the right places. If you have shrubbery placed along your pathway, taller lights like the classic large mushroom light can be placed within it easily.

Taller lights have a large coverage area, so it’s ideal for those looking for maximum illumination while still not wanting overly harsh glare. These types of lights offer ambient lighting that you and your guests will simply love, with a practicality that is hard to miss.

5. Directional Options

Our yards change with the seasons, and the path lights that you install in the winter may not be as impactful during the summer. Having more control over your lighting is, therefore, an option worth considering.

With lighting that you can move easily, you can choose where to light up as the weather changes. Multi-directional lighting with easily movable knuckles can be a great way to make changes to your yard lighting without the need to spend more money on new light options.

The MR-16 Bullet Light, which is extremely durable, also comes with a range of optional colored lenses. That means you have the ultimate control over where your lighting is going and what it looks like.

6. Use Your Walls

People often think about lights embedded into the ground parallel to the path when it comes to path lighting. However, many paths run alongside walls or finish at outdoor seating areas. That’s where wall lighting can be used.

The right wall lights in the right place can be transformational. There are lots of options to consider as well. Our bronze classic engineered wall light is one of the most popular lights available for path lighting. Even one can perfectly finish off the effect of any additional lights that you have.

If your path has steps and a wall, then wall lights installed close to the ground won’t just add a touch of class. They’re great for safety too.

7. Use Your Greenery

If your pathway has trees running alongside it, then adding a tree light has never been easier. These natural downlights can help create a moonlighting effect, which is both aesthetically pleasing and mentally calming.

You’ll be able to enjoy the effect whatever the time of year, and it’s a great way to help get rid of any dark spots that may occur on your pathway. They’re adjustable, too, so you can change the effect that you make depending on your mood.

Tree lighting at night

Path lighting combines beauty and practicality. It’s the perfect blend of form and function. Whatever kind of effect you want to convey, the right lighting can help you achieve it.

Don’t forget to consider the types of bulbs that you use as much as the light itself. These can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your yard. Have a look through our range of lights and get ready to upgrade the appearance of your pathway.