Proper access control is important for a secure property. It is important to identify authorized personnel before allowing them to enter. So how does one create a perimeter security system that deters intruders but also makes employee identification easy? You get surveillance cameras. Cameras and lights are integral parts of a proper perimeter security system. Let’s at a few best perimeter security cameras and how proper lighting can discourage intruders from trespassing.

Best Perimeter Security Cameras

Following are the best perimeter surveillance cameras for this year.

  • Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
  • Lorex
  • Arlo Pro 2
  • Arlo Pro 3
  • Blink XT


Lighting is an integral part of perimeter security. Proper lighting can help surveillance cameras capture high-quality videos and images. Moreover, good lighting itself is enough to deter intruders because intruders prefer badly lit or dark properties to trespass into. When it comes to perimeter lighting, CAST Perimeter is unrivaled. Let’s look at why our products are superior to the alternatives.

CAST Perimeter Products

Following are our five products designed for perimeter security.


Our CPL3 is the most advanced lighting system created by CAST Perimeter. It has multiple lighting levels, wide light coverage, compatibility with other sensors, FlashGlare technology, extensive customizations and much more.

CPL3IR Night Owl

With the Night Owl, you get all of the best features of CPL3 but with added infrared systems! Now you can use a light like CPL3 to assist infrared cameras too. Furthermore, CPL3IR can toggle between white visible light and infrared. For instance, CPL3IR can stay in infrared mode but can switch to visible light as soon as intruders are detected.


Surveillance cameras often falter or switch to a lower-quality black and white mode. CPL2 assists these cameras by providing sufficient light for them. Moreover, CPL2 uses little power and is extremely efficient.

Wall Pack Light

Do you want to light up those narrow areas and pathways between buildings? If yes, our Wall Pack Light is for you! We have designed it to be easily installable, making it perfect for temporary setups on walls or fences.

Infrared Wall Pack Light

Just as CPL3 has an infrared version, there’s also an infrared variant of the Wall Pack Light. This helps provide infrared rays for IR cameras to operate properly.


You can integrate CAST Perimeter lights with other security solutions such as those from PROTECH USA. A combination of different security systems ensures your perimeter’s protection. Furthermore, CAST Perimeter products are durable, reliable and made using quality components. As a result, our products have a long operational life. Other than that, CAST Perimeter products are durable enough to withstand external damage from weather or intruders. Also, our products are incredibly affordable, with CPL2 starting below $200. Order today and secure your perimeter. And remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!