The Problem: Clients Need  Outdoor Security Cameras, But...

Your clients say they need outdoor security cameras to protect their property and assets. They say they are willing to spend extra on quality cameras, but the problem is, not even the good ones have the ability to see and record clearly at night. You remind them, while every camera works flawlessly during the day, it’s the cover of night that criminals prefer, and that’s when these cameras fall short.

Why Waste Money on Low-Light Cameras When You Don’t Have to?

Most standard cameras used outdoors are 1080p and, unless paired with a good security lighting system, are rendered useless in terms of what your clients need them for. The lens at night  cannot see or record anything of value (evidence) at night. If your clients are insistence on only using security cameras, their only other alternative is a low-light camera that are meant to perform in the dark. They meet your client’s requirement, but they will set him or her back $3,000 to $5,000 per camera which is a harder sell. The issue that still remains, however, with only employing top-end low-light security cameras is that they don’t deter potential criminal activity as well as other perimeter security defense solutions. It’s merely a piece of the pie. And specifically, without an outdoor lighting system, security guards cannot spot any of this activity from the onset.

The Solution: A Low-Cost Outdoor Lighting System

The simple solution is to provide your clients with an inexpensive low voltage, perimeter security lighting system that offers light for their security cameras so they can work well at night—without having to spend a fortune on low-light cameras. Perimeter security lighting will also bring these cameras’ nighttime black and white images back to full color. (Those grainy black and white images are the result of an area that is lit poorly, causing the camera to perform improperly and default to a black and white image.) Specifically, when you add the CAST Lighting solution, the cameras can perform as they were meant to work both day and night—in full color. If you provide quotes for security cameras with inexpensive, high quality outdoor lighting, you’ll have a competitive advantage against anyone you’re bidding against. They’re just quoting cameras. You’ve taken it to the next level. Their cameras will provide clear daytime images and insufficient nighttime images while yours will be superior no matter the time of day. Perimeter security lighting also more effectively deters trespassing and criminal behavior, and further allows your security guards to monitor the premises actively.

Perimeter Security Lighting Installation: Before & After

Outdoor Cameras Let’s use an actual example. Even with some security lighting, one water treatment plant in Oregon was constantly having an issue with people cutting its fence, messing with its trucks, equipment, and stealing catalytic converters. One of the main issues here was that the security lighting system would cause some of the camera footage to be blown out, making it impossible to see what was going on directly under the lights. At the same time, the inadequate lighting resulted in difficult-to-decipher black and white footage, which also contributed to the frequent break-ins. Once CAST perimeter security lighting was installed—specifically our 7 Watt CPL1 fixtures—light was evenly distributed 14 feet on either side of the fence offering 28 feet of light, and the break-ins immediately stopped. Outdoor Cameras

How Expensive is it to run CAST Perimeter Security Lighting?

Let’s put this in terms your client will understand: The light bulb used in your home is generally a 100W bulb. CAST’s CPL1’s are low-voltage lights using only 7W. That equates to running 14 of these security light fixtures—and therefore 285 feet of light coverage—for the cost of running one in your home!

Now Your Have a Competitive Bid & Greater Margins

When you share this statistic and the Oregon case study with your client, you now have a competitive advantage on every bid. You’re quoting outdoor cameras with security lighting while your competitors are not. Thus, your cameras will work at night while the competitors cameras will not. This allows you to sell more outdoor cameras and more lighting, provide your clients with peace of mind, help save them money while giving yourself a greater margin for profit.