Are you looking for new ways to secure your properties? With the ongoing situation of a global pandemic, businesses have shut down, and offices have closed. No wonder that the burglars, thieves, and intruders are lurking all around the properties, in search of a place to invade. In times like these, it is important that you take effective and timely measures if you want to stay safe from all kinds of potential threats. Perimeter lights, as well as outdoor security cameras, are great ways to achieve a high level of security. Let us discuss how perimeter lights and surveillance cameras can help you achieve robust security at the perimeters

How Can Outdoor Security Cameras and Lights Help You Maintain Security?

Surveillance and outdoor security cameras can work wonders to boost the overall condition of your perimeter security. They help to actively monitor and surveil the property and the entire premises for any signs of intrusion. Furthermore, in case of an incident, the pre-recorded CCTV footages play a great role in helping to catch and identify the intruder.
Perimeter lights are the most common ways to boost security at the perimeters. They do this by increasing visibility at the borders, as the intruders don’t like to be seen and tend to steer clear from all the well-lit areas.Let us see which are the best perimeter lights to enhance security at the borders.

Perimeter Lights for Boosted Security:

CAST Perimeter Lights are one of the best perimeter lighting manufacturers. They have overall six lighting products to illuminate your perimeters. These are:
CPL3 Series
CPL2 Series
High-Power Perimeter Lights
IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
Wall Pack Lights
CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series
All these lights are ideal for use with third-party security systems like outdoor security cameras and other systems.

Lights for Enhancing Cameras Vision:

Our lighting products like CPL2 and CPL3 are ideal choices for lighting up the areas for advanced security. Additionally, they work well to light up the perimeters for increased protection against the intruders and all the other potential threats.

Perimeter Lights with IR to Enhance Night Time Vision for Cameras:

CAST Perimeter offers special lighting products for enhanced protection and increased visibility at night time. For instance, the lighting products like IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights as well as CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series come with Infrared lights. These lights are invisible to the naked eye, but they help the cameras to capture clearer images, even at night time. 
In this way, you can maintain efficient security at the borders without the intruders even knowing that they are being watched.

Additional Features:

Following are some of the other interesting features of CAST Lighting that makes them our best choice:
* Easy third-party integration
* Easy installation
* Safe 24V system
* Surge and spike protection
* Dust and moisture resistance
* Wide ambient temperature range, etc.
To conclude, CAST Perimeter comes with all the solutions for lighting up your perimeters for enhanced protection. Integrate them with your outdoor security cameras for extra protection against intruders and burglars. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.