One of the most common as well as effective methods to enhance security at your borders is by putting up perimeter lights all around your premises. Surely, it is true. We’ll explain how. When an area is dark and un-lit, no matter how many best perimeter security systems you put up, they won’t be as effective in providing robust security because they won’t be able to see the intruders at all. Perimeter alarms can ring at intruder detection, but unless you can see the intruder, you cannot hope to catch him. The same is the case with CCTV and surveillance cameras. You cannot hope for clear images for identification ad recognition of the intruder in the absence of lights.

How to achieve the best perimeter security with lights:

Perimeter lights can help you boost the overall situation of security on your premises. They not only help other best perimeter security systems to perform to their full potential, but they also act as powerful deterrents themselves. They do this so by warning the intruders to stay away from their property.
Studies have shown that intruders like to steer clear of any well-lit area. It is an established fact that no intruder likes to be seen. Hence, by putting up competent perimeter lights, you can scare away the intruders and augment other security systems for better performance all at the same time.

CAST Perimeter Lights for security:

One of the most trusted and liked manufacturers of perimeter lights is the CAST Perimeter Lights because of the low voltage requirement, low cost, long life and ease of installation. Years of experience in the field has enabled us to stand here today. We offer a diverse range of lighting products and accessories that can help you stay safe and secure.
Let us discuss each of the lighting products in detail below.

CPL3 Series:

These lights are one of the most sophisticated LED lighting products of the modern age. You can integrate these lights with the best perimeter security and intelligent security solutions to automatically turn the lights on or off at intrusion detection. 
High-Power Perimeter Lights:

CPL2 Series:

The CPL2 Series is an ideal lighting solution for deterring intruders away. You can use these lights in low-to-medium risk areas for delivering the best perimeter security against intruders. By producing over 523 lumens and 40’ of light (20’ on each side of the fence), this creates a second thought in the mind of the intruder of breaching the property in the 1st place.

Wall Pack Lights:

You can use these lights in the walls and alleyways of highly secure areas and buildings where conventional lighting products find hard to reach. Easy integration with third parties and easy installation on fence posts make this product feasible to use.

IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights:

One of the best features of this product is the Infrared radiation that can’t be seen with the naked human eye but is the perfect choice for aiding nighttime surveillance cameras to capture better images at night.

CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series:

The products from this series can switch between infrared and visible lights for better control over the function of lights.

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