With the new year well underway and spring just around the corner, you might be starting to think about spending more time outdoors. A big part of making your garden a beautiful space is choosing the right landscape lighting.

Each year brings its own trends and themes, and 2021 is no different. Read on to learn about some of the top landscape lighting trends we’ve identified for 2021.

Minimalism and Simplicity

“Less is more” rarely goes out of style, and we’ve noticed that minimalist designs are making a big comeback this year.

There are two key advantages to a stylish yet minimalist design.

First, it does not detract attention from the beauty of your garden or landscape. Minimalist lighting design is intended to draw the eye to your landscape’s most beautiful features, not take it away. With the right minimalist landscape lighting, you can show off your flowerbed, water feature, or other element of your garden to perfection.

The second advantage of minimalist lighting design is that it can be achieved on a budget without harming the overall look and feel of your space.

Simple pieces like our Classic Well Light and Classic Deck Light (pictured above) are durable and attractive, yet straightforward and affordable.

Sustainable Solutions

More and more homeowners are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment. That’s why sustainable, green, and eco-friendly lighting solutions will be key in 2021 and beyond.

One of the biggest ways you can make your landscape lighting more sustainable is to prioritize eco-friendly bulbs. LED lights are more environmentally friendly than traditional bulbs. That’s because they require far less energy to produce the same level of illumination, and they also last far longer.

Landscape Lighting Trends

LED Tree Light by CAST

Fortunately, all CAST lighting solutions either have integrated LED bulbs, or are drop-in LED-compatible. We do not use other lamp styles due to our focus on green energy, but we have them available for purchase if customers choose to use them.

Drop our team a line if you want to learn more about the environmental credentials of any of our products.

Create a Dramatic Effect with Directional Lighting

Directional lights can provide dozens of different possibilities within one fixture. By choosing the precise beam angle, you can draw the eye exactly where you want it to show off the most beautiful features of your home and garden.

Uplighting allows you to highlight trees, plants, architectural features, and other elements of your space from below. For example, our Impressionist Series Directional Light offers 200 different uplighting combinations.

Landscape Lighting Trends

Impressionist Series Directional Light by CAST

Downlighting is ideal for providing a more natural, “moonlight” style effect. Check out our Tree Light, which can be mounted on a tree or structure to cast a beautiful glow from above.

In-Ground Lighting Fixtures

In-ground lights such as ground lights and well lights are placed in the ground in areas such as turf, hardscaped areas, and plant beds. They provide subtle yet effective lighting, and they are hardy as well as space-efficient.

Small and compact ground lighting fixtures are ideal for uplighting or wash lighting plants, trees, or specific architectural features.

Landscape Lighting Trends

CAST Craftsman Series Bronze Ground Light

Why not make use of in-ground lighting along pathways, in the decking of your outdoor entertainment area, or even on steps?

Smart Lighting Technology

Everything in our lives - from our phones and TVs to our watches and cars - is getting smarter. Why shouldn’t lighting follow suit? We’re noticing a big increase in demand for smart lighting, such as Bluetooth-compatible lighting solutions.

With a Bluetooth light, you can control the exact light level and switch your fixture on and off using a convenient app on your smartphone. Our Source Lighting by CAST Bluetooth LED Spotlight even allows you to change the color.

Landscape Lighting Trends

Programming the Bluetooth LED Spotlight (full video on Youtube)

Adding smart tech to your landscape lighting design has nearly endless applications. You can choose specific zones to illuminate or dim, or even take care of watering by adding a smart irrigation system. Smart lighting can also help make your home more secure - wherever you are in the world.

Your home lives in the future, so let’s get your garden there, too.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you need help designing the perfect landscape lighting solution for your home or bringing your existing system up to date? Our friendly team is here to help! Head over to our Contact Form, fill in your details, and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help you.