We’ve all been there—trying to create the perfect ambiance in our homes or businesses, but traditional lighting solutions just don’t cut it. They’re either too dull or too bright, or they lack the flexibility we need for that perfect setting. This is where we recognized a gap in the market—a need for a lighting solution that’s as dynamic and adaptable as your lifestyle.

Imagine being stuck with lighting that can’t adapt to your needs—those moments when you want a soft, warm glow for a cozy dinner but are stuck with harsh, bright lights. Or those times when you’re hosting a vibrant party, but your lights only offer a single hue. That’s the exact challenge many of you have shared with us: being tied down by one-dimensional lighting that fails to match your needs.



We’re excited to announce the December relaunch of our Bluetooth Color Control lighting products. With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can dim lights for a cozy evening, opt for vibrant colors for parties, or choose calming hues for relaxation. Our new fixtures effortlessly adapt to every moment of your life, combining convenience with endless customization.

In the following sections, you’ll get an insider’s look at our complete line of Spotlights, Engineered Wall Lights, Path Light Modules, and more. We’re excited to show you how each product can transform your space and how easy they are to configure and enjoy.

Key Features & Benefits

Our new Bluetooth Color Control Lighting helps you make the most of your outdoor spaces by giving you complete control over your lighting. That starts with the brightness: Our new Bluetooth lights are three times brighter than other MR16 color products on the market. They also have a temperature range from a warm 2,500K to a cooler 6,600K.

The warmer tones are perfect for cozy, intimate evenings. The cooler temperatures are great for brightening nighttime gatherings or highlighting landscaping features.

You can adjust the brightness of your lights with the adjustable dimmer. Our fixtures are dimmable from 5% to 100% for every color choice, including white. You can now easily change the mood from a soft, muted light for a quiet night under the stars to a bright, welcoming glow for outdoor parties or gatherings.

It’s easy to control everything through our user-friendly app, which is designed for both iOS and Android. The intuitive user interface is simple to use. You can adjust settings easily, which allows you to fine-tune the color for a garden party or adjust the brightness for a quiet night outside.


But here’s where it really gets exciting: Gone are the days of manually adjusting each light to create the perfect setting. With our custom lighting zones and scenes, you can switch the entire atmosphere of your outdoor space in just a second.

Contractors can easily program the lighting system on their phones and customize lighting zones and scenes to suit any requirement. The final configurations can be uploaded seamlessly to the CAST Lighting Cloud. From there, customers can download these settings directly to their phones. This process not only simplifies the initial setup but also empowers customers to easily adapt and modify lighting designs, ensuring that their outdoor spaces always reflect their current needs and preferences.

In essence, our Bluetooth Color Control Lighting lets you modify your outdoor lighting to your needs, ensuring that the right mood is always just a touch away.

Bluetooth Product Range

As mentioned earlier, we have four unique Bluetooth color control lights and also a range extender for those larger jobs. Choose your preferred lighting, from elegant path light modules to striking spotlights. Each fits perfectly into your space, blending functionality with style. See for yourself how these options can transform your environment.


The Bluetooth Color Control Spotlight (SBLBTC1) is durable, with a sturdy brass body. The wattage is adjustable from 2W to 10W and allows for precise lighting control, making it as energy-efficient as it is powerful.

As discussed earlier, the spotlight has a wide color temperature range (2,500K to 6,600K) and full dimming capabilities (5% to 100%). Click the following link to find out more about our Bluetooth Color Control Spotlight.

Capstone Light

The Bluetooth Color Control Capstone Light is made from durable copper and has a flexible bracket for easy adjustments. It offers both reliability and versatility. The wall light’s integrated LED, with a 4W output, ensures efficient lighting across a 12v to 15v AC/DC power range.

The light offers a fixed 2,700K white temperature and a full-color spectrum for varied lighting needs. This fixture also can be used with our Set-N-Stone® Mounting System, which makes repair or replacement simple without any risk of breaking or damaging the wall or fixture. Click the link to find out more about our Bluetooth Color Control Engineered Wall Light.

Wall Wash Light

The Bluetooth Color Control Wall Wash is both stylish and sturdy, featuring a brass body with a bronze finish. Designed for flexibility, it includes an adjustable glare shield, which makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor areas. Its IP65 rating ensures durability in harsh weather conditions.

This wall wash offers a wide beam and adjustable wattage (2W to 10.4W) to provide efficient, powerful lighting. Click the link to find out more about our Bluetooth Color Control Wall Wash.

Path Light Module

Upgrade your garden paths easily with the Bluetooth Color Control Path Light Module. It’s built tough for all weather and fits seamlessly into most CAST Landscape Classic lights, making it a hassle-free addition to your outdoor lighting.

This module’s 5W LED efficiently lights up your pathways, and you can choose from warm to cool light settings and any color to match the mood or occasion. With its adjustable dimming, you can create the perfect ambiance for any evening outdoors. Click the link to find out more about our Bluetooth Color Control Path Light Module.

Range Extender

Enhance your Bluetooth Color Control Lighting with the Range Extender. It boosts signal range and ensures smooth control over larger outdoor areas. Durable and weather-resistant, it’s built for all outdoor conditions.

Installation is easy, and it works well in various temperatures (-30° to 45° C). It’s a reliable part of your lighting system and extends control where you need it. Click the link to find out more about our Bluetooth Color Control Range Extender.



Transform Your Space Today 

Our new Bluetooth Color Control Lighting emphasizes simplicity and efficiency at every step. From installation to daily use, we ensure that our products are simple to sell, simple to install, simple to control, and, most importantly, simple for customers to use.

By bridging the gap between advanced technology and user-friendly design, we offer a lighting experience that is as enjoyable as it is practical. Whether it’s setting the scene for a quiet evening or illuminating a lively gathering, our system adapts to your needs, ensuring that the right mood is always at your fingertips. 

For more details about our Bluetooth Color Control lighting and how it can transform your outdoor lighting experience, click here.