Do you want to make your perimeter more secure? If yes, you are at the right place. CAST Lighting provides state-of-the-art products for perimeter access control and lighting. Read on for more information about our products and why CAST is the most innovative in the perimeter lighting industry.

Perimeter Access Control Products

Following is our product lineup, suited for various situations.

CPL3 Generation 3

This is the most advanced lighting system developed by CAST Lighting. The patented technologies used in CPL3 have led to several awards and accolades for CAST. If you want the best perimeter security light available, the CPL3 is the way to go. Our generation 3 model has ensured compatibility with numerous third-party accessories such as sensors and radars. You can configure CPL3 for 8, 12, 16 and 25-watt LEDs. This lighting system projects a light 60-feet in both directions if mounted 8-feet high.

CPL3IR Night Owl

Now get all the best features of CPL3 with an added infrared mode. Enhance your nighttime security with CPL3IR Night Owl. Furthermore, the CPL3IR can switch between infrared and visible light using third-party detection systems. For instance, you can monitor movements at night using infrared. However, when movement is detected, CPL3IR can switch to visible light to spot intruders. 


Our CPL2 light assists CCTV cameras in staying effective at night. This system uses low voltage and is long-lasting. CPL2 casts light in a 40-feet diameter, both inside and outside fences. On top of that, CPL2 is incredibly affordable at a sub $200 price point. This product can be used anywhere but is best suited for low and medium-risk locations.

Wall Pack Light

The Wall Pack Light is our solution for providing lights in narrow areas and pathways. Our Wall Pack Lights are quick and easy to install. Furthermore, this light uses a fraction of traditional lighting’s power. Cheap, secure, surge, and spike resistant, Wall Pack Lights are perfect to light up your walls and fences!

Wall Pack Light Infrared

Infrared cameras often cannot emit enough IR to provide quality video at night. We solve this problem with our Infrared Wall Pack Light. Get the same portability and ease of installation with added infrared capabilities. Upgrade your existing security cameras with infrared today.

What makes CAST better?

Let’s look at a few reasons why CAST Lighting is the best in the industry.

Innovative low-voltage technology

Our products use a safe 24-volt system. As a result, all our perimeter lights stay protected against sudden power spikes and surges. Stay relaxed and protected as our perimeter lights deter intruders for you.


We use sand-casting to make coverings for our lights. This makes our lights durable in all weather conditions. Also, sturdy housings prevent intruders from damaging your lights.

Easy to install

CAST products are very easy to install onto fences and walls. The brackets provided with our products fit a range of fenceposts. In addition to that, we have several accessories to make installation even easier. 


Upgrade your perimeter security today with CAST Lighting. Keep intruders out with our award-winning products at very affordable prices. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.