Perimeter security is one of the biggest concerns for every property owner nowadays. With the passing time, the looming threats to safety and security are increasing. Although the latest innovations are helping mankind to stay safer, at the same time they are also causing the potential intruders and burglars to use them to attack us harder than ever before. They use the latest advancements in technology and twist them around for their evil purposes, even though they were originally made to facilitate people. Therefore, it is important to shift to the latest perimeter security products and trends if you want to stay ahead of the burglars and thieves.

Here we will discuss several ways in which you can combat all the potential threats.

Perimeter security products and their uses for general safety:

There are innovations and inventions every day that help you stay safer and feel more secure. However, some techniques are more basic and essential than others. Also, the choice of perimeter security products depends largely upon the sensitivity of the areas or buildings that you have to protect. For instance, private properties like homes or farms as well as other commercial and municipal properties are low-to-medium risk areas. Whereas, government buildings and other state affairs buildings, as well as military facilities, etc., all demand higher security measures.

How to maintain adequate perimeter security?

Many types of security products can be used to maintain adequate protection against threats and intruders. For example, perimeter lights, chain-link fences, fence alarms, surveillance cameras, etc., are all basic security measures. The more advanced security measures include motion detectors, infrared laser beam detectors, buried fence cable intrusion detection systems, as well as electrified fences, etc.

Perimeter lights – the most essential security element:

We believe perimeter lighting is one of the most basic as well as an essential ingredient in the mix of adequate perimeter security. Light serves to provide you with vision and you cannot hope to maintain adequate security at the perimeters until it is well-lit.

At CAST Perimeter, we understand your security concerns and have come up with the best lighting and perimeter security products for well-lit and secure premises.

CAST Perimeter innovative products line:

To enumerate, CAST Perimeter has over five lighting products. They are:

  1. CPL3 Series
  2. CPL2 Series
  3. IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  4. Wall Pack Lights
  5. CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series

All these products deliver low-voltage, low-cost lighting solutions. Easy installation and easy integration with third parties make our products feasible to use with all the other security systems

Applications and usage:

Our lights and perimeter security products are easy to use. You can easily install them at almost all the commercial, municipal properties for well-lit premises. We work with the latest advancements in LED technology and lighting optics that help us deliver the best results. Our commitment to excellence helps us establish a strong connection with our clients.

Contact us now for lighting up your perimeters for maintaining adequate security all around the premises, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.