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Watch a 30-sec. Introduction to the CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System.

In 2012, CAST Lighting introduced a new approach to illuminating perimeters – The CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System. This new system so impressed industry experts, that it won the following awards.

  • “Most Innovative Product of the Year” (LightFair’s highest award)
  • “Best in Industrial, Emergency, Exit Category” (LightFair)
  • “Product Innovation Award” (Architectural Products)
  • “Product Innovation Award” (Architectural SSL)
  • “Security’s Best Winner” (ASIS Accolades)
  • “Top 30 Technology Innovations” (Security Sales and Integration)
  • “Homeland Security – Best Perimeter Protection Finalist” (Government Security News)


One of the 7 awards won by the CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System

Why Did this System Win All These Awards?

Save as much as 90% in Material, Labor, and Energy Compared to Typical Perimeter Lighting!

From a LightFair judge,

“Never has so little light done so much work. We found this to be a simple, clean, efficient, energy-effective solution which could be used on nearly every property. It leverages the best benefits of LED – low voltage operation, optical efficiency, small size and long life for a truly robust security lighting solution.”

From Paul Boucherle of Security Sales and Integration,

“Good lighting is a necessary component to any outdoor [security] video design. In the past this factor became a limiter due to high installation costs – often reducing security coverage or killing the feasibility of a project.This new product allows low-voltage integrators new ways to retain installation revenues while implementing a complete security solution.”


This Webinar is Not Just a Promotion

The science behind cost-effective perimeter lighting is critical knowledge for every security, landscape, lighting, and facilities professional.

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • Why fences don’t stop intruders and what can be done about it
  • The role of illumination in intruder deterrence, detection, and apprehension
  • The importance of lighting quality, glare, and intensity
  • Illumination factors for cameras and security officersPlanning a perimeter lighting project
  • Case studies and cost comparisons
  • Selling perimeter lighting to your customers and supervisors


One of the many applications for the CAST LED Perimeter Fence Light.

Over 1,500 professionals attended CAST Lighting’s last webinar on LED Technology* – with exceptional reviews. This current webinar promises to be just as valuable!

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