Do you feel like your property needs to have more robust security now than before? We can help you with that. Upgrading your security system is always a good decision since protecting your assets should be of prime importance. In your opinion, what is the one thing that gives an instant boost to your security systems? Perimeter lights! Surely, these are the key ingredients in the mix of a competent security system. Integrate lights with your wireless CCTV camera systems and other PIDS security systems to ward off any potential threats.

Integrate CAST Perimeter Lights with your wireless CCTV camera systems:

Introducing a name of trust in the world of low-voltage perimeter lights – CAST Perimeter Lighting. We are a proud manufacturer of lighting products and accessories.
We have

  • Lighting products

  • Accessories
  • Ready to install kits
  • Wire rolls etc.

Hence, we come with a complete lighting solution for your perimeters.
Here, we will discuss one of the best and most liked lighting products by CAST Perimeter.

CAST Perimeter CPL3 Generation 3 Series:

CAST Perimeter CPL3 Generation 3 Lights give you direct, glare-free illumination. We are dark-sky compliant, therefore our lights give full cut-off illumination.

Voltage input:

CAST Perimeter Lights accept a voltage input of 12 - 26 Volts, DC as well. Our products offer surge and spike suppression with the TVS, Transient Voltage Suppressor, for up to 40 Volts.

Operational temperature range:

All of our electrical components are modified for extended operations at high temperatures. The ambient temperature range of our products is -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. Moreover, our LED Drivers are fully encapsulated in a thermally conductive epoxy.


You can use our CPL3 Perimeter Lights for a wide set of applications.

To enumerate,

  • You can use these lights for security at airport perimeters, critical infrastructure like power grids, reservoirs and data centres, etc.
  • Moreover, you can also use these lights in the military department for permanent installations as well as for rapid deployment settings.
  • General contractors also use these lights with their existing PIDS security systems to secure construction sites.
  • The temporary setups of aids and relief stations also put up these lights not only for security but also for effective lighting during nighttime in far-off remote areas.
  • Apart from this, many public parks, commercial, municipal, and storage facilities put these lights along their perimeters and fence lines for added protection by their PIDS security systems.
To conclude,

We would say that amidst many other lighting products available in the market, you should opt for the one product that you can put your trust in. CAST Perimeter Lighting is a company with years of experience in the field. Light up your perimeters with our CAST Perimeter CPL3 Gen 3 Lights for added protection and boost your PIDS security systems. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.