CAST LED Impressionist® Series Tree Light

CIT164 (LED Chip 2018)


20 light levels, 5 beam spreads, plus 2 color temperatures mean 200 combinations in 1 fixture! That's right, one Impressionist tree light replaces dozens of retrofit lamps or integrated fixtures from other manufacturers. Less time planning, purchasing, and making adjustments in the field - all significant savings in time and labor.

This durable and advanced CAST LED Tree Light (CIT164) is a compact powerhouse that delivers illumination of exceptional quality. Designed for the landscape lighting professional, light level control at the fixture and quick-change optics enables the lighting designer to fine-tune illumination in the field.

Fixture includes solid bronze Tree Mounting Canopy and stainless steel hardware for attaching to tree (with offset to prevent damage to the tree).


Suitable for mounting in trees or on structures to provide a natural downlighting or moonlighting effect.


Light Level Control

Light level is controlled by a dimming circuit built into the fixture. The circuit is accessed through a plug at the base of the light. By using the Dimming Control Module (CDIMMER) or the Manual Dimming Control Jumper Cable (CIJ - provided with fixture), the user plugs the control device into the control plug. The control device changes light level up or down in 5% increments. When the control device is removed, the light level remains fixed - even when power is off. A 35 foot lead wire allows you to dim at the base of tree. You can also Dim groups of Impressionist fixtures all at once, by gang dimming together.

Beam Angle Control

To change beam angle, the designer loosens the thumb screw at the base of the shroud, and slides the shroud off the internal module. Once removed, the optical element is exposed and is simply lifted off its support pins. The new module is inserted in its place.

  • CIT164 (LED Chip 2018)
Quick Info
  • CAST Lighting magnetic toroidal core Transformers: both Journeymen® 75, 150, 300, 600, & 900 Watt and Master Series 900 & 1200 Watt
  • CAST No-Ox® Tin-Coated Marine-Grade Wire: Available in #8/2, #10/2, #12/2, #14/2, & #16/2 gauges.
  • Astronomical Digital & Mechanical Timers
  • Photo Cells
  • Seamless non-insulated crimp connections & Heat shrink for wire connections


  • Dimensions: Shroud base and bracket (fully extended): 14” long x 2.25” wide
  • Choice of (5) easy-to-replace optics for the CIT164.
  • 20-step light level control with hand-held remote (CDIMMER) that can be connected to the fixture or extended to a remote location. LED indicators display light level.
  • LED driver is fully encapsulated and thermally bonded to body, features thermal foldback to protect from extreme ambient temperatures, is filtered to prevent EMI interference, and is protected from surges and spikes.
  • Sturdy copper shroud with adjustable, reversible (straight or angled) glare shield for superior glare control.
  • Solid bronze knuckle, base, and bracket can be adjusted to any angle and mounted to tree with one hand.
  • LED Specifications for CIT164
    • LED Light Source: 1 Cree LED’s, Life(L70) 60,000 hrs. Color Temp: 2700°K +/- CRI: 83
    • 64° Optic included
    • Input voltage: 10 to 24V, AC or DC
    • Power:8.33 watts, .76 amps, Power Factor: .92, Volt Amps: 9.06
    • Lumen output-fixture: 451 lm
    • Center Beam Candela: 474
    • FCC compliant for EMI interference

U.S. Pat. Nos. 9,115,857; 9,140,414; 9,316,379; 9,541,263; Other Patents Pending.

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