Security Rapidly Moves to New Levels with Award-Winning Innovation

Airports, data centers, and substations trust CAST Perimeter® Lighting to secure sites with the highest risk. The increasing number of threats to these sites has led to the fast adoption of the new innovative design of the CAST Perimeter® products. The unique and innovative design and affordable price point have led to the rapid uptake in CAST Perimeter® installations.

Integrators & Security Consultants

When it's All Pros and No Cons, The Decision to Buy is Made Before You Enter the Room

The decision is often easy for even the biggest and most complex site projects. CAST Perimeter® lights are effective at delivering evenly distributed light up to a 120' diameter along miles of perimeter, eliminating shadows and opportunities for intruders to hide. The light fixtures are a durable addition to the perimeter that can sustain the most extreme climates. The lights integrate seamlessly with other security layers and enhance the quality of security by improving camera image quality and vision for security patrols and guards to intercept intruders.


By harnessing the power of low-voltage LED, these lights are low cost to make and install easily with a clean design. The lights attach easily to existing fences at a low height and are very efficient to run. Their low cost and high quality is incredibly compelling for budgets and great for meeting low-cost, low-energy, eco-friendly project requirements.

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