CAST Perimeter® CPL2 Light (Black)



The CAST Perimeter® CPL2 Series Lights are an advanced design in safe low-voltage LED lighting. The CPL2BKH1 delivers quality light on your perimeter and will increase the effectiveness of your CCTV systems. The lights attach directly to your fence and are available with a wall pack option. 

Light Coverage

Total Diameter of Light Coverage on Fence Line (40ft. fixtures spaced 20ft apart.)


The CPL2BKH1 is the second generation of light fixtures and is built to last. Designed to deliver low-voltage light with a typical coverage diameter of 40 feet providing illumination both inside and outside the fence line. It is effective in all perimeter fence situations but mostly used in medium- to low-risk sites. It is understood by most that criminals do not like to be seen and the CPL2 is an effective deterrent for intruders. With the glare-free illumination along the fence line, this solution increases both camera effectiveness allowing the camera to see better at night, and switch to color mode vs black and white and night time, which also reduces recording space required.

The CPL2BKH1 is used in almost all fencing environments that have wire mounted on the fence including electrical substations, temporary fencing for construction sites, airports, commercial storage sites, parking lots, college campuses, industrial sites, public parks, and pathways.

The CPL2BKH1 is easy to install and only requires one technician to install. Combined with the posi-tap connection (the wire at each light does not need to be cut and spliced) making it simple to install and eliminates potential installation scenarios.


  • Black fixture painted with flat mounting plate (CPL3CMBFPBK)
  • 1/2-14 NPT tapped junction box both sides, plugged
  • Safe 24-Volt System
  • Easily attaches to most standard fence posts (custom size brackets are also available for larger fence posts)
  • 3rd Party Integration (with the CPT1200DCAI Power Supply)
  • IP66 Rated
  • Surge & Spike Protection
  • Moisture Protection
  • Electromagnetic Interference Prevention
  • Quality Cree® XTE LEDs
  • Rugged, High-Quality construction for hot or cold environments
  • All mounting hardware and electrical connectors. Includes CPL3CMBFPBK black flat mounting bracket for Assa Abloy Impasse II.
  • CPL2BKH1
Quick Info

Works with CAST Perimeter® Power Supplies: CPT600DCA (600 Watts), CPT1200DCA (1200 Watts), and CPT1200DCAI (1200 Watts with 3rd Party Interface Capability).

  • Custom size brackets are available (see Engineering Library for available brackets)
  • Uses CAST No-Ox Tin Coated Marine-Grade Wire (no oxidation), available in a variety of gauges and lengths, this wire is highly corrosion-resistant with a 25-year warranty
  • Requires one technician to mount fixture, lowering labor costs
  • Field replaceable circuit driver boards
  • Bottom plate strain relief works with 14/2, 12/2, and 10/2 gauge wire
  • IP66 Rated


22.5" tall x 4.625" wide

Eurometal hat, vase, and base; aluminum stem; stainless steel saddle bracket; stainless steel bolts; borosilicate glass LED enclosure, and quick-mounting bracket feature. Painted black with flat mounting plate (CPL3CMBFPBK).

Mounting Options:
Unit equipped with flat plate mounting bracket. Offset Bracket (CPLOSB) available for situations where CPL2 must be mounted below fence top or for other offset needs. Custom fence post bracket mounts available, see Engineering Library for available brackets.

  • Pipe Mount: Bottom 1/2" knock-out can be used to secure conduit for electrical connection to junction box. 
  • Stake Mount: Trident or standard stake can be secured to bottom 1/2" knock-out for ground mountapplication.

Third-Party Integration
Third-party security integration is available with the CPT1200DCAI Power Supply. This can control the lights to turn on or off, strobe and then stay on, or stay off, user controlled.

The LED driver is a proprietary circuit designed specifically for this luminaire.

Input Voltage: 17-26 Volts AC or DC recommended for optimal performance.

  • Input Current & Power: 0.38 amps, 8.2 watts
  • Power Factor A/C: 0.82 pf
  • Surge and Spike Suppression: Voltage suppression for transient spikes and surges for voltages over 49V
  • EMI FIltering: Compliance with FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated
  • Components: All driver components selected for extended operation at high temperatures no electrolytic capacitors.


  • Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to 55°C
  • LED Array: Mounted on aluminum core board, secured to cast-aluminum alloy body with thermal gap pad. Thermal pathway includes body, hat, stem, and base.
  • LED Driver: Fully encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy.

Light Source:

  • LED Array: (3) Cree XPE with integrated driver in a replaceable module.
  • Lumen Maintenance (L70): 66,500 Hrs.
  • Color Temperature (CCT): 4,500°K Neutral White +/- 250°K
  • Color Rendering (CRI): 75
  • Luminaire Lumens at 17V DC: 522.6 Lm
  • Apparent Power:8.64 VA
  • Horizontal Lux between fixtures at 20Ft Spacing 10Ft off-grade/LUX at 12Ft from Fence: At fence 9.38 Lux / 12 feet 3.0 Lux

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