If you have a nice home, then you'll probably want to show it off. What better way to do this than with some outdoor wall lighting?

Outdoor light fixtures are the perfect way to illuminate your home. They can also help increase the visibility of paths, steps and help deter burglars from sneaking around. Here are a few tips on where to put your wall lights and how to style them.

Where to Put Outdoor Wall Lighting

There is plenty of outdoor space around most homes for lighting fixtures. The trick is not simply buying the outdoor fixtures but knowing where to put them.

Here are just a few places that you could enhance with some appealing outdoor wall lighting.

Porch Lighting

Outdoor wall lighting works well for the front porch.

Not only does it help you find the path to your front door when it's dark. It also lights up the shape of your home, creating a stylish and refined look for any property.

The example below shows how some simple wall lights can completely change the look and feel of a house—in this instance, creating that warm homely feeling on a cold winter’s night.

cast lighting on front porch

You could use one of our Cast Classic Savannah Deck lights or a Cast Classic Niche Light to create an inviting feeling at the front of your home. It’s a nice example of how lighting can be a stylish addition to your exterior decor, in addition to a practical lighting solution.

Yard Lighting

Another great place for outdoor wall lighting is your front or back yard.

Additions like an outdoor sconce or other forms of lighting allow you to illuminate your grounds.

The image below shows the difference an outdoor sconce can make to the overall atmosphere of an outdoor seating area. You can imagine how pleasant it would be to spend the early evening relaxing here with some close friends.

cast lighting front walkway

You can then further enhance your outdoor area by thinking about some path lighting ideas. Some subtle beams of light can give your path some serious curb appeal and allow you to navigate your yard safely after darkness falls.

Garage Lighting

Another great place for outdoor wall lighting is the garage. Wall lighting can illuminate your home while also adding some security lighting to the front of the house.

The example below shows how you can use wall lighting to create a stylish finish for contemporary homes.

modern house in desert with front walkway lit

Different wall lights will work for different houses.

Spotlights or our Cast Classic Engineered Wall Lights work great with modern homes, but more traditional fixtures, like lanterns, might be better with classic home aesthetics.

Pool Lighting

There are many different ways to light up your swimming pool.

Outdoor wall lighting is a great way to get plenty of coverage. Consider the example below.

in-ground pool with lighting around it at night

Not only will you light up the swimming pool. You'll also be able to see the surrounding areas. This could include the border of the pool and the pool itself, which creates a nice ambiance when you go for a late-night dip.

It should also help you keep an eye on your swimming pool at night. This can improve your security and give you peace of mind at night. No surprise visitors will be taking a midnight dip in your pool anytime soon!

Types of Outdoor Wall Lighting

So, now you know where to put your outdoor lighting. But do you know which outdoor fixtures to choose?

Here are two ideas for you to consider.

Spot Lights for Outdoor Walls

One of the most versatile lights on the market is the spotlight, as our Cast Classic Niche Light. They can create a dramatic effect and you have the freedom to adjust the focus of your lighting.

Point them down to highlight a path or your flower beds. Alternatively, you can point them up to highlight the architecture of the house. Finally, you can bring attention to an interesting fixture, sculpture, or ornament outside the house.

Contemporary Outdoor Wall Lights

If you're trying to bring a modern touch to your home, then you may want to invest in some contemporary wall lights. For example, our Cast Craftsman Series Bronze Deck Light or the Cast Classic Engineered Wall Light.

Not only do they provide lighting for the exterior of your house. Wall lights like the ones we offer can also inject some bold creativity into the overall look.

Wrapping Up

There are many different ways to add outdoor wall lighting to your home or business.

Think about why you want the lighting before deciding on which option to get.

If you're looking to light up the front of your house for security and safety when walking to your front door, then some deck and wall lights are probably the right options.

If you're looking to enhance the look of your garden for late-night entertaining, then consider the wall lighting options that can be combined or matched with other light fixtures—for example, path lights or lights for water features.