CAST Lighting is a premier manufacturer of both landscape lighting fixtures and perimeter security lights. Our approach to business is straightforward: We focus on customer success. We use the best materials and invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure our security lights are a great investment.

At CAST Lighting, we offer state-of-the-art low-voltage, fence-mounted perimeter lighting solutions that integrate with your existing perimeter security systems at a reasonable cost. Customers who buy our products spend 60 to 80% less on installation fees and an additional 60 to 80% less on materials. 

By investing in the best materials and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we provide robust security lights that meet the demands of a diverse range of clients. But this is just part of the CAST story.

Award-Winning CAST Security Lights

The CAST Perimeter division has been honored with multiple awards for its Perimeter Lighting systems, including Architectural SSL’s Product Innovation Award. We have also been named Homeland Security Finalists for the “Best Perimeter Protection Solution.” 

Let’s take a look at some of the products behind these awards. 

CAST Perimeter Gen 2 Series

The CAST Perimeter Gen 2 Series is a fence-mounted, low-voltage LED security light optimized for dusk-to-dawn operation for huge zones (up to 700 meters on one power supply). CAST’s Gen 2 Series has two main variations: the CPL2, which is silvery-gray to match the color and texture of typical fence posts, and the CPL2BKH1, which is available by special request. The luminaires are black matte painted, designed to match the color and texture of high-security fences, such as the Ameristar Impasse II Series and similar.

You can easily mount our CAST Perimeter Gen 2 Series lights on fence posts of all sizes and styles. In fact, we probably have a mounting plate already built for your exact fence. The optimal spacing for these luminares is between 18 and -24 feet. This spacing provides even coverage with precision light distribution to improve camera scenes at night, while providing an excellent passive deterrent.



CAST Perimeter Security Lighting GEN 3 Series

The CAST Perimeter® Security Lighting GEN 3 is an advanced, fence-mounted low-voltage LED security light designed for active deterrence. You can integrate the lights with other security equipment, such as seismic motion sensors, camera analytics, microwave motion sensors, and other alarm output security devices designed for perimeter protection. The GEN 3 Series has a standard version and a Night Owl Series. The Night Owl Series boasts field-tunable infrared options in 850nm and 950nm.



The GEN 3 has a shorter range than the CPL2 because it’s typically designed to operate in 100-meter zones. It also offers a significant increase in light output, up to four times more than the CPL2 Series, as well as a split driver function with the CPL316SD Series, in which light output can double or flash during an alarm event.

All of the GEN 3 Luminaires have an adjustable head. You can adjust the lights to optimize camera scenes as well as aim them parallel or perpendicular to the fence line. The lights are set in an oval-shaped distribution pattern. This flexibility means areas are lit up precisely as needed to fit your security posture and offer both an active and passive deterrent to intruders.

Our GEN 3 lights are widely used on high-security critical infrastructure, high-risk commercial properties, and military facilities, which require a higher level of security and coordination with additional security equipment.

CAST Generation 2 Wall Pack Light

The Generation 2 Wall Pack is a low-voltage LED lighting solution designed to be mounted on walls or used with perimeter barriers in which lights are aimed in a single direction instead of around a barrier. The Wall Pack has two distinct designs; one easily attaches to a standard outdoor junction box and another to flat surfaces. You can push out the light even further with the adjustable head. See the pictures below for examples of lighting a parking lot and walkway.



Wall Packs are more effective than typical flood lights because they have a more security camera-friendly light distribution and lower power consumption. The security integrator allows you to mount them in areas where a high-voltage run is too costly, such as access points. They work well on garage bays and doors.

Ideally, they should be spaced 20 feet apart and mounted about 10 feet off grade to ensure a wide, consistent spread of light. Each unit is highly effective at illuminating broad areas. Wall Packs are perfect for commercial buildings, alleyways, and any wall that needs clear lighting.

CAST Perimeter 1200W DC Power Supply

The CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer is a low-voltage programmable power supply. It integrates with alarm outputs to trigger two Alarm Zones (Pre-alarm and Alarm). You can program the lights to flash in a customized pattern or to only turn on with alarm inputs. That allows the security designer to use light as an active deterrent.

Alternatively, you can plug the transformer in and turn on the Automated GPS clock. When this is activated, the lights will automatically turn on and off based on the sun’s location. You don’t have to worry about recalibrating due to daylight saving time or a bad photocell.



The CAST Perimeter Lighting Transformer’s primary power auto-adjusts to operate on 115V, 120V, 220V, 208V, 230V, and 277V power, so it can be used around the world. The installation process mirrors its functionality—straightforward and efficient.

CAST Infrared Night Owl

The CAST Infrared Night Owl is a fence-mounted infrared lighting solution packed with advanced features tailored for superior nighttime security. You can switch between infrared and visible light to improve the night vision of your perimeter cameras.



You can use the Infrared Night Owl alongside monitoring systems in environments that require high security, like airport perimeters, power plants, military settings, public parks, and ports.

The Infrared Night Owl is a safe 24-volt system. It can operate efficiently over a broad temperature range. High-quality Osram and Cree LEDs ensure longevity, while the dust- and moisture-resistant construction guarantees reliability. 

In Closing

CAST Lighting has been a leader in the outdoor security lighting industry since 2001. We continue to illuminate spaces while positively impacting the communities we serve through our commitment to onshoring and manufacturing high-quality products.

The Perimeter division of CAST Lighting has received seven industry awards for innovation in security lighting, and we continue to innovate solutions based on the needs of our customers. These products include the CAST Perimeter Light GEN 2 Series, CAST Perimeter Light GEN 3 Series, CAST Generation 2 and 5 Series Wall Pack, CAST AI Power Supply, and the CAST Infrared Night Owl.