The lights you use aroundyour home have a large impact on the atmosphere and mood you wish to create. You want the lighting to be functional and provide an aesthetically pleasing impact.

This outdoor lighting guide will discuss what to look for from outdoor lighting fixtures to the different types of fixtures available. Now that you know what to expect, let’s jump right into this guide.

What You Need From Your Lighting Fixtures

There are various things to consider when selecting outdoor lighting fixtures. Firstly, there is the issue of durability. The durability of your lighting fixtures is closely linked to the materials they are made from.

Plastic fixtures are more affordable but can break easily, meaning you have to replace them more frequently. On the other hand, solid fixtures made from iron or bronze can last for years and are more durable.

Outdoor lighting fixtures need to be weather-resistant. You want fixtures that will not crack or rust due to swings in temperature or seasonal weather changes.

Some homeowners will have special considerations. For example, if you live on the coast, avoid fixtures made from a metal like aluminum that rusts quickly in the salt air. Instead, you want fixtures made from a composite material like bronze, brass, or copper.

Five Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

You can place outdoor lighting fixtures into five broad categories. They are directional, path, deck and wall, well and ground, and wash lights. 

CAST Lighting produces various outdoor lighting fixtures. Our CAST Landscape line, our most durable fixtures, are made of solid sand-cast bronze, while our SOURCE by CAST line features fixtures made of solid brass, giving homeowners a more affordable option.

The designs have a timeless quality, making them a favorite with homeowners. The remainder of this guide will discuss the range of products that CAST Lighting provides in these various categories.

1. Directional Lights

Directional lights function as a flashlight – they focus light in one direction. You can use directional lights to highlight objects of interest around the exterior of your home.

CAST Lighting provides a range of directional outdoor lighting fixtures designed for different purposes. We offer various ground lights that can be staked into the ground. They include the CAST MR-16 and MR-11 series bullet lights. They are suitable for uplighting or downlighting architectural features, plants, and structures. The LED Bullet light and a CAST Series Bronze Wash/ Spot Light have a similar design. 

Alongside these lights, CAST Lighting has the MR-16 Directional Path Light. The light has an 18-inch stem. It is frequently used for grazing driveways, retaining walls, and fences.

CAST Lighting also offers a range of mounted directional lights. They include the CAST Classic Niche Light, which is suitable for mounting under the eaves of your home. Meanwhile, you can install the CAST Classic Tree Light or the Classic LED Tree Light in your yard to create a moonlighting effect.

2. Path Lights

Path lights illuminate paths around your home. They are there to prevent you from tripping over a pebble or a garden hose while accentuating the exterior of your home at night.

CAST Lighting stocks a wide range of path lights in a variety of heights. The design for the hat of the path light is varied to accommodate different tastes. You can select lights with a China Hat, Mushroom, New Orleans, Savannah, Borneo, or Cabana top.

Some of the fixtures we offer are designed to be mounted on posts or elevated surfaces. The three lights that fit this specification include the Classic Small Mushroom Canopy Mount Area Light, Small China Hat Canopy Mount Area Light, and the New Orleans Canopy Mount Area Light.

3. Deck and Wall Lighting

Deck and wall lights are used for outdoor decking or for mounting on external walls. The lights are functional, and you can use them to accentuate objects or interesting textures or patterns, like brick or stone, or the space you want to use.

CAST Lighting has five different deck and wall lighting fixtures. The lights can be set flush against the wall. The three deck lights CAST offers are beautifully designed. We offer the Classic Deck Light, Savannah Deck Light, and Craftsman Series Bronze Deck Light. Our bronze deck light is especially popular with people living on the coast.


We offer several wall lights with a classic design but different mountings. One has a surface mount and the other a copper bracket for easy flush mounting. These lights are suitable for walkways, stairwells, and elevated surfaces.

4. Well & Ground Lights

Well and ground lights are concealed fixtures that are set into the ground. They provide uplighting and are often used to illuminate an area's edge or an architectural feature.

CAST Lighting offers a few different models of well lights. We have the Classic Well Light and the MR-16 Well Light. The Classic Well Light is simple and durable, with a PVC body and stainless steel gimbal ring. Our MR-16 Well Light has a solid bronze exterior with a stainless steel gimbal ring. Both lights can be fitted in turf or hardscape areas.

We also offer Craftsman Series Bronze Ground Light. These ground lights are compact and can be easily installed in turf areas. They can provide lighting for shrubs, trees, and architectural features.

We also offer well and ground lights through the SOURCE by CAST line. The range includes our In-Ground MR-16 Well Light, Recessed Mini Wall Two Sided Wash, Recessed Mini Narrow Spot Up Light, Recessed Mini Wash Up Light, and Recessed Up Light.

5. Wash Lights

Wash lights provide a diffused beam and are used to illuminate an area like a wall or an architectural feature. They can make a huge impact on the appearance of your home in the late evening and at night.

CAST Lighting stocks two different models of wash lights. We have the CAST LED Mini Wash Light and the CAST Classic Wall Wash Light. The CAST LED Mini Light is 6.5 inches wide and 4 inches high. The light is housed in a solid bronze casing. The CAST Classic Wall Wash Light meanwhile has circular housing.

You can use the Mini Wash Light and the Classic Wall Wash Light to illuminate walls, stairs, plants, architectural features, and walkways. The model you choose will depend on your needs.

In Closing

Selecting the right outdoor lighting fixtures for your home or business is challenging. There is a huge range of lighting fixtures to accommodate consumers' different needs, tastes, and styles. At CAST Lighting, we pride ourselves on producing timeless fixtures made from bronze, brass, and copper. The lights we produce are built to last and are a beautiful addition to any home or business.

Click on the product links to find out more information about our directional, path, deck and wall, well and ground, and wash lights. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have about our products. You can also contact us through our website and a customer service representative will get back to you.