Every business owner should ask themselves, “What would you do if an intruder broke into, robbed, or even vandalized your business” and importantly “How much would an intrusion cost you?” It’s important to know this because one of the most expensive crimes for a businesses is an intrusion, and depending on what industry your business operates in, you may be more susceptible to an intrusion. 

The worst case scenario for any business owner is driving in to work only to find that there has been a break-in. After quickly scanning the office, you find your belongings are missing. And your indoor and outdoor security camera does not allow you to identify any persons of interest. Unfortunately, you system lacked perimeter security lighting, and now you have to call the police, file reports, and try to replace and set a value to some of your business’ most invaluable items. 

While insurance can cover much of the direct losses, indirect costs, such as business interruptions, additional labor costs, and loss of data are often not accounted for but could potentially cost your business much more than you anticipated. In fact, estimates for direct costs to business are likely larger because many businesses (especially small businesses) do not report break ins due to a fear of bad publicity and lack of confidence that the intruder will be found. In some cases, one perimeter intrusion can put the viability of your business into question. 

When the dust has cleared from a perimeter intrusion at your business, here is what it could cost even after your direct losses are calculated:

1. Loss of Data + Information: Business owners whose perimeters have been breached may often find that their laptops, computers, and other valuable information have been stolen or destroyed. When you get right down to it, data and information are one of the most valuable assets a company owns, if not THE most valuable. After a break-in, it’s often hard to put an actual price to this loss, but it can be devastating. For instance, you may lose information like purchasing info (supplies, personnel, merchandising, etc.), Not only is that invaluable, but the time it takes to recoup that information can also cost your business money. 

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2. Business Interruption Costs: If your perimeter has been breached, you may have to scale back or—worst case scenario-–shut down your business activities even for only a few days, the cost financially and to your customer base can be catastrophic: Doing business = making money, not doing business = not making money. It’s as simple as that. It will greatly impact your gross and net for the year. 

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3. Cost of Labor Assisting Police + Repairing Any Damages: While cameras are good after the fact for detectives and lawyers, without the proper perimeter security lighting, they often won’t deter an intrusion. While you may have the security footage, it can also be financially draining through lost dollars redirecting labor from your usual business practices to assisting the police post-break-in. A break-in can also cause a financial strain through the cost of any damage repairs, especially if you don’t have a budget for these expenses OR if the cost exceeds your budget. 

4. Increase in Insurance Premiums: If you’ve ever filed a claim through your auto or homeowner’s insurance, you know that these claims usually come with an increase in your premium that can last for several years. The same is true when you have to file a claim through your business insurance carrier: filing a claim = higher insurance premiums. And if you have to file multiple claims due to any type of loss (whether naturally-caused or break-in/theft-related), it might even be difficult to obtain an insurance policy at all. In many cases, they will cancel your policy and could potentially put your business, its assets, and your livelihood at enormous risk if not putting you out of business completely.

How Perimeter Lights Can Prevent All of These (And Save Your Business $$)

How can you prevent any break-in-related expenses and the accompanying headaches and stress? Here’s the easy answer: The right perimeter lighting system. It might seem counter-intuitive, and when trying to prevent break-ins you might automatically think about other types of deterrents first, but the right lighting plan can go a long way to preventing a break-in before anyone even lays a hand on your physical property and assets. 

When you compare the cost of a perimeter lighting system to break-in-related losses, perimeter lights save you money and protects your priceless data/information! When placed in the most advantageous locations, and by incorporating the best type of glare-free lighting to make sure your security cameras and security staff have a clear view on the worst of nights, a perimeter lighting system is the #1 break-in prevention tool you can use to protect your business and assets.

If you’re still not convinced that adding high-quality low-voltage security lighting, consider the overall cost of the break-in. Our perimeter security solution is will secure you from the cost of a perimeter intrusion by stopping intruders in their tracks, but it is also  about 60-80% less than installing poll lighting, even if they are LED lights also.

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Interested in protecting your business and assets from potential break-ins? We can help you design a top-notch, low cost, low voltage perimeter lighting system to keep those bandits at bay and your business $$  safely in your pocket. We have local representatives that can come by for a 30 minute presentation and show you the lights before you commit to anything. Be sure to have them come by and show them to you by filling out this contact form, and we’ll be sure to get you lit and secure shortly!