Now, more than ever, business owners have been asked to pause many aspects of their daily routines and business operations. At the same time, this leaves many warehouses and office buildings vacant and prime targets for security breaches. This also leaves business owners with time to think about “how” to improve their businesses, which should include one often overlooked area: their security.

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The need for security is important during uncertain times, and advancements in the industry continue to meet the needs of this evolving landscape. While PoE—Power over Ethernet—is a big buzz word in the industry, you may not have realized two important new features that have come about recently.

  • PoE is now available for small or large outdoor security lighting systems (click here to read more about our PoE solution).
  • This new technology advancement is beneficial to both the clients who seek to have their perimeter protected and the professionals installing the systems.

To help you navigate this, we’re breaking down why PoE is a great solution for you and your end user.

Single Technician Installation = Proper Social Distancing Practices

Currently, 77% of interior designers say they’ve had a job canceled since COVID-19. But what does that have to do with perimeter security? A lot. The truth is people are worried and focused on social distancing, which limits how people come and go and how contractors work. The good news is that you can easily install a perimeter security system while also practicing safe social distancing. One person, alone, can install your system, and they can do it contactless.

Ease of Installation: It Works with EtherWAN Network Switches

If you’re already working on a security install, you’ve already purchased a network switch to power the computers, camera, and other IT items. We encourage you to consider EtherWAN as your switch of choice because they can add PoE lighting to their IoT list. And while traditional perimeter security lighting can come with a myriad of permits, time, and extra expertise, the main benefit to our POE lighting solution is that it works off the EtherWan network switch you’re already installing. There are no additional power requirements.

In fact, up to 100’ of perimeter lighting can be used per port of the switch (2 ports can be used for up to 200’ of light coverage). For the installation, this means it’s easy, and there is no additional leg work when it comes to installation. It’s virtually plug and play.

Improve the Function of Existing Security Equipment

Q. What’s better than an easy installation process? A. A happy end user. While security systems can help aid the police in finding an intruder, a security lighting system is a surefire way to make sure that the intruder thinks twice and selects a different target. In most cases, when lighting is done properly, the intrusion never happens.

After all, a properly lit perimeter will help your camera see better and will turn your images to color. It helps protect your client’s perimeter from start to finish. Plus, cameras in color mode use less hard drive space than black and white recordings.

It’s a Natural Upsell

Upselling a customer isn’t always easy. However, when the solution works with the existing platform they’re already working on, the upsell is easy, and it provides the final link in the security chain and the customer sees and understands the benefits.

The probability of selling another product to an existing customer is 60-70% because they already trust you while selling to a new prospect is a lot harder. Additionally, a new customer is testing you and expects you to be the expert and solve their problems with your recommendations. When you present a different and better solution, this can increase your close rate and sales by up to 30%. Add PoE Perimeter Lighting, and you become the expert. That being said, understanding the ease of installation and explaining the benefits to the end user is a great way to help improve your sales.

If you’re ready to see how PoE can help you increase sales, offer better margins for your bottom line, and give your clients a better solution that nobody else is selling, contact us today. We’ll work with you—at a social distance—to get you trained on how to sell and install perimeter lighting.