If you're like most people, you’ve been busy working IN your business and not ON your business. What that translates to is likely a laundry list of things you've been putting off doing.

But all that has changed with the current coronavirus pandemic, and many of us find ourselves with extra time on our hands to re-evaluate our to-do list, looking at it with fresh eyes to see what we can responsibly accomplish during this time of social isolation.

Here are 5 good reasons why installing perimeter LED lighting to protect your property should rise to the top of that list.

1. Installation is social distancing safe.

In our new world of social distancing and isolation, your LED perimeter lighting system can be installed by only one technician without any physical contact with or near you or anyone on-site. And rest assured that here at CAST, we are following all prescribed safety processes and procedures, alleviating any worries you may have where COVID-19 is concerned.

2. Reduce the increased, pandemic-caused risk to your property.

If you’ve had to cut back on your on-site personnel—security or otherwise—due to COVID-19, you’ve also cut back on the eyes that can help keep your property safe, and your property and assets are actually at greater risk now than they were before. Unfortunately, as desperation sets in for some, break-ins will increase, and your business and property might become a target. An LED perimeter lighting system can be your extra, and very effective, set of eyes during this time and into the future. Why? Because crooks don’t like to be seen, so protecting your assets from potential trespassers and thieves who prey on businesses during these unusual times is smart.

3. It could save your business money.

Installing an LED perimeter lighting system can actually save you money. How? By reducing the risk of break-ins, you’re also reducing the risk of losses due to a break-in. These losses could include anything from tangible assets to data and information, not to mention the cost of a business interruption. And any losses could potentially cause an increase in your insurance premiums too.

To learn more about the cost of a break-in, click here.

Another way installing an LED perimeter lighting can save you money is through the LED Light Source. LEDs last an average of 15-20 years vs the 1-3 years of a traditional halogen light source and consume typically ⅕ the power as halogen. LEDs also require significantly less maintenance, and the entire system is safe and low voltage and does not require heavy excavation like that of conventional pole lighting.

4. It can work with your other security systems.

No matter what other security systems you have on your property (cameras, video management, access control, intrusion detection, etc.), a LED perimeter lighting system can be a huge boost to your current security system. When properly placed, perimeter lights do what their name implies—light up your property, allowing your cameras, video, and other systems to “see” better by having your cameras see in color vs. black and white, which delivers cleaner, crisper recordings. If your property isn’t properly lit, your existing security systems won’t be as effective in protecting your property and assets from a potential intrusion.

Click here to learn more about how your lighting system can work with your other security assets.

5. You can stop procrastinating.

Whoever thought that a pandemic could help with procrastination? Due to all the recent and unforeseen changes we’re all experiencing—social distancing, working remotely, pleas from government officials to stay at home, and so on, right now is a great time to cross off something important on your to-do list. Why not make that “something important” your LED perimeter lighting system?! You’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve got your property and assets better protected.

Ready to quit procrastinating and get your property lit ASAP? Contact us, and we’ll work with you—at a social distance, of course—to get your LED perimeter lighting system up and running ASAP.

Our wishes and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragic coronavirus outbreak, and we’re hoping for a swift and positive recovery for all. Please stay safe, and stay positive!