Lighting fixtures can be made from different materials ranging from metals and alloys like copper and bronze to plastics. You want to choose lighting fixtures that work with the aesthetics of your home and fit your needs.

This article will discuss five types of outdoor bronze lighting you might use. You can use these lighting fixtures for everything from lighting up a dark pathway at night, to accentuating your home's visual aesthetics and architecture. Read on to learn more.

Why Choose Bronze Outdoor Lighting

Bronze lighting fixtures are popular with many homeowners due to their aesthetics. Bronze lighting fixtures have a distinct reddish-brown appearance that looks beautiful when polished. There are other good reasons to choose bronze outdoor lighting fixtures that go past the aesthetics.

One important consideration is the composition of bronze. 

Bronze is a metal alloy made (mainly) from copper and tin. Combine copper and tin, and you get a corrosion-resistant material more durable than steel. The resistance to seawater corrosion is a benefit for anyone living near the coast. The fact that bronze is not affected much by temperature variations is handy for people living in places with wide temperature swings.

The material’s appearance, durability, and corrosion-resistant properties make bronze outdoor lighting fixtures popular. Those considerations are no doubt why you’re reading this guide.

Best Bronze Outdoor Lights

CAST Lighting has a range of distinct and durable lighting fixtures made from bronze for home and business owners. The remainder of this guide will showcase some of our most popular bronze lighting fixtures.

1. Bronze Outdoor Directional Lighting

Directional lighting fixtures emit light in a single direction. You can purchase light fixtures to mount on walls, attach to trees, or embed in the ground. Directional lights are also adjustable, meaning you can change the angle of the light. You can also adjust the lumen level.

Like other landscape lighting fixtures, knowing where you want to illuminate will determine the kind of lights you’ll buy and their positioning. 

For instance, our CAST Classic LED Tree Light gives off a moonlight or downlight beam when you mount them in trees or other erect structures in your garden. In contrast, the CAST Classic LED Bullet is a flexible directional lighting fixture that you embed in the ground and use for uplighting.

Tree lighting

You can use bronze outdoor directional lighting when you need to highlight specific display points — like illuminating the side of your home, a water feature, or trees in your yard. 

2. Deck & Wall Lights

Many activities such as relaxing, outdoor cooking, and socializing happen on your deck. That makes your deck a vital space in the home. There are various bronze deck lighting fixtures you can invest in to maximize the use of your deck while prioritizing safety, functionality, and appearance. 

The CAST Classic Engineered Wall Light is one popular choice. 

Stone Patio Lighting

Attractively designed with solid bronze and copper tabs, this fixture has a thin bracket that is easy to install in various locations, such as the wall, railings, and stairwells. With an LED light expectancy of 60,500 hours, you can rest easy about changing the bulb.

Another popular choice that tastefully blends into the deck background is the compact and attractive CAST Classic Deck Light. As the name implies, this solid bronze deck lighting fixture has a classic compact and stylish look. You can mount it on a wall or post. The downlight beam will gently illuminate anything below the fixture.

3. Path Lights

Path or area lights can bring both flair and functionality to your yard. The lights offer soft glare-free illumination. CAST Lighting offers path and area lights in a range of styles.

The Mini China Hat Area/Path Light, for example, is ultra-compact with a solid bronze hat and stake you can erect in areas such as planting beds or garden boxes. You can also mount them along the sides of walkways. The Large China Hat Area/Path Light has similar features but a wider beam cast area. 

Path lighting

The Mushroom and New Orleans Canopy Area Light are also popular options. They have a visually distinct appearance. The Small Mushroom Canopy Lights are often mounted on posts or elevated surfaces.

4. Wash Lights

Wash lights cast their beam over a wide area. That makes them ideal for illuminating walkways, stairs, walls, and architectural features. 

The CAST LED Mini Wash Light is made of solid bronze that acquires a beautiful patina with time. It is engineered to produce a wide and soft washing effect on low walls. Of course, where you position this fixture is up to you. It’s best to mount these bronze wash lights 12 inches away from an object if you want to create a wall-washing effect.

5. Well Lights & Ground Lights

Ground landscape lighting can improve the appearance of your home, especially at night when the visual effects are most visually dramatic and appealing. Well lights are generally embedded in a surface, for example, the drive up to your garage.

They are used to illuminate an area or the outskirts of an area. Of course, it's up to you whether you want uplighting for your favorite backyard tree, stake out the outskirts of your drive, or provide soft, unobtrusive illumination for shrubbery. 

The type of lighting fixture you choose will depend on your needs. You can install the CAST Classic MR-16 Well Light around the edges of your formal walkway or driveway.

In ground and well lights

The well light features a solid bronze interior assembly in an adjustable stainless steel gimbal.

Alternatively, you might choose the Craftsman Series Bronze Ground Lights model. These are generally used in the yard and are perfect for uplighting landscape features.

To Recap

As you’ve just read, there are many reasons why CAST Lighting stands apart from the rest. Our high quality bronze fixtures are durable, efficient and beautiful. When choosing which specific light to illuminate your property, remember that there are many wonderful options to choose from. Fixture placement plays an important role in distributing the best light for your needs, and in reading this five-part guide it is our hope that you want to accentuate your home’s visual aspects.