While you’re in the process of planning your dream landscape, decisions like what annuals and perennials to plant may seem easy, but choosing LED Lighting over Halogen, for your Landscape Lights, should be a no-brainer. Perhaps you’ve already installed Halogen landscape lights, but now you’re wondering, “Should I upgrade to LED?” To help you understand why the answer should be “YES”,  we’re breaking it down based on efficiency, maintenance, and overall light quality/design capabilities. 

1. Energy Efficiency

Even though LED and halogen lights produce the same amount of light, LED lights use 80-85% less energy than halogen lights, which makes them last much longer (10-20 years vs. 1-2 years) than their halogen counterparts. It also reduces heat inside the fixtures. Whether you’re creating a new landscape lighting design or thinking about switching out from Halogen, in the long run you will save money on electric and light bulb purchases by going LED.  

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2. Maintenance Costs

Since LED lights last much longer than halogen lights, you’ll have to change them less often (again, many years vs. 1-2 years). Not only will you save on maintenance costs, but overall this is a plus for those hard to reach areas in your landscaping like moonlighting in tall trees and large beds with light fixtures that are more difficult to get to. In many instances, LEDs will come equipped with a warranty that is superior to Halogen warranty options, again saving money in the maintenance costs.

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3. Customizing Lighting Effects

Halogen used to be the bulb of choice for landscaping since the LED lights of years past were harsher and brighter, making it more difficult to get that warm and peaceful feeling most people wanted when highlighting their landscaping. However, the LED chips of today actually beat their halogen counterparts in warmth and peacefulness. You can focus the light from LED bulbs exactly where you want, due to the vast variety of optics available, instead of settling for the more diffused light that emanates from halogen bulbs.

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