It’s nice to pass a home where the architectural design aligns with the home’s aesthetics. That’s something designers are well aware of, and it’s an important consideration as you furnish the interior and exterior of your home.

One popular style of architectural design that can be widely found throughout California, the Midwest, and beyond is the American Craftsman style. Keep reading to learn more about the American Craftsman style and the outdoor lights that fit this style and aesthetics.

A Brief History of Craftsman Design

The American Craftsman style traces its roots to the industrial revolution and the Arts and Crafts Movement. The idea was to return to a form of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that many felt was lacking from the factories producing thousands of the same goods.

It’s something you can probably relate to todaye.

The Prairie style of architecture and California Bungalow-style homes both fall under the Craftsman umbrella. The beauty of Craftsman architecture lies in simplicity, as seen in the small- to medium-size single-family homes of this style.

Craftsman lighting was popularized in America by designer Frank Lloyd Wright. Craftsman lights are characterized by their clean lines and geometric shapes. Lighting fixtures are often handmade using materials such as brass or copper. 

That combination of aesthetic appeal and durability makes Craftsman lights a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of sophistication to their home decor. In fact, the style and underlying values fit a wide range of traditional and contemporary environments.

Outdoor Lighting That Fits the Craftsman Style

If you want a warm atmosphere for the landscape around your house, pay attention to your lighting. The lighting can help you create an outdoor ambiance that’s inviting and easy on the eye.

Craftsman-style light fixtures will always work if your home has a traditional look. You can find outdoor Craftsman-style lights for every popular lighting category:

  • Wall sconces are used on porches, patios, and decks. They are versatile and can provide ambient, task, or accent lighting.
  • Outdoor directional lights provide focused illumination for outdoor spaces, such as pathways, gardens, or outdoor living areas. You can adjust them to highlight features around your home or yard.
  • Outdoor path lights are used to illuminate walkways, gardens, and other outdoor areas. They provide safety and visibility for visitors and add a decorative touch to the outdoor space.
  • Post lights are mounted on a post or pillar and can provide ambient or accent lighting. You’ll find them used to illuminate driveways, walkways, and gardens.
  • Step lights are mounted on the ground or on the side of a stair. They are aesthetically pleasing while also providing a bit of safety, helping people avoid a nasty trip.

CAST Lighting offers a variety of outdoor lighting options that fit the Craftsman style for anyone looking for timeless designs. Our main range of lighting has two lines: Craftsman and Classic.

There are more than two dozen lights in our CAST Classic range and a handful in the CAST Craftsman range. All of the lights are made from solid bronze and have a timeless design. A nice case in point is our Savannah Area Light. The design is traditional and eye-catching.

Alongside the bronze range, we have SOURCE by CAST. The light fittings are made from solid brass. They represent a lower price point than bronze lighting fixtures, but there’s been no compromise on the quality. SOURCE by CAST allows you to have the quality of CAST Lighting no matter your budget.

CAST lighting fixtures are backed by a strong warranty. We’ll repair or replace any properly installed CAST Lighting product that fails under normal conditions without charge.

Things to Consider When Choosing Craftsman-Style Lights

Regardless of the Craftsman-style lighting fixtures you settle on for your home, there are some important things you’ll need to consider. Here’s a quick recap of some things to keep in mind when selecting Craftsman-style outdoor lights:

  • The durability of the lighting fixtures should be top of mind when making a purchase. Cheaper lights tend to break easily, which will cost you in the long run.
  • The material your light is made from is linked closely with durability. Materials like bronze are tough and don’t rust. Plastic lighting fixtures are cheaper but more likely to break. Aluminum, meanwhile, will rust.
  • Cost is the final factor. Set your budget first, then look for the best lighting options that fit your needs. You can always turn to a third party for help designing a lighting plan and sourcing suitable outdoor lights.

There are other factors to consider, but those three points are the most important.

In Closing

This guide provided some context to the origins of the American Craftsman style in the late 1800s. It’s a style that continues to be popular to this day because of the focus on beautiful design and quality workmanship.

Craftsman lighting helps recreate a warm ambiance while giving your spaces a classical touch. There are many Craftsman-style lighting options to choose from. When selecting lights for your yard, focus on quality and aesthetics. If you’re feeling stuck or confused, get insights from industry experts. They’ll be able to help you design a lighting plan that fits your budget and helps make the most of your property.

For more information about CAST, browse our wide selection of products for inspiration. You can always contact our professional team for more information about any products that catch your interest.